Further analysis by the military into body armor advancements

Further analysis by the military into body armor advancements

Members of the military have dangerous jobs and often go into the line of battle, which means they need the best protection possible. Protection is often given in the form of body armor and although the military has made many advancements to body armor in the past, calls for further improvements have recently been made.

More Agility While Wearing Military Body Armor

The military has asked manufacturers to attempt to create body armor that is lighter than the body armor already offered to soldiers. This is because lighter body armor would give soldiers a better ability to tackle situations that require them to run quickly or move in a stealth fashion. Body armor can be difficult to wear due to its weight. The heaviness can be difficult to move quickly in and some vests can lead to overheating due to their lack of ventilation.

SafeGuard Clothing Body Armor

We have listened to these requests and offer a range of body armor in different weights to suit you and the situations you may need to be protected in. If you work in an environment that requires you to move quickly and easily without restriction, you should consider our range of overt vests. We have some of the lightest overt vests on the market. Or, if you work in hot and humid environments you may find our range of CoolMAX covert vests are perfect for your needs. They have been manufactured with cutting-edge materials that keep you cool and ventilated, even if you wear your vest for extended periods.

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