What does spike protection protect against?

What does spike protection protect against?

Spikes are sharp, pointed objects that can be used to pierce through something. 

Spike protection is the protection offered by body armor against objects such as ice picks, needles, and long thin nails. Spike attacks can only occur where the attacker is close to the target.

Dangers Of Spike Attacks

Unlike edged blade objects, spiked objects enter fabrics by penetrating through the small spaces between the threads making up the fabric. Edged blade objects however cut the threads when penetrating the fabric. The different ways in which objects penetrate fabrics means that armors must be designed in different ways to stop specific threats. 

Spike attacks are known to be very dangerous and can be fatal in cases where vital organs are injured. Meaning you should invest in spike protection body armor if you often encounter situations in which there is a spike threat. 

Who Needs Spike Protection Body Armor?

Spike protection body armors are relevant for a wide range of industries. For instance, these armors are widely used in prisons. It is quite easy to find sharp and pointed objects within prisons, especially the ones housing maximum security criminals. Such criminals are ready to do anything including killing fellow prisoners and guards. Before entering maximum security cell blocks it is of the utmost importance that guards must be protected from spike attacks.

Security guards in crowded buildings should also be protected against spike attacks. This is because criminals can easily hide in the crowd and then launch attacks when least expected. Fully protected guards can tackle the attackers with a reduced fear of injury. 

Night clubs should also invest in spike protection body armor for their bouncers. An intoxicated reveler can easily snatch the ice pick on the counter and then use it to launch attacks. Night club owners should ensure that bouncers can do their jobs without having to worry about safety.

Spike protection body armor must be effective. Ineffective armor is just like any other piece of clothing. It is a good idea to regularly check the armor for deformities and you should ensure it is stored properly in a dry place, away from sunlight. When cleaning spike protection body armor, you should avoid strong detergents and avoid immersing the body armor in water. If stored and used properly, the armor can be used for a long time without compromising safety.


Please note: spike protection body armors are designed to stop sharp pointed objects only. This means that you can still be shot or stabbed while wearing a spike protection vest.