Military Body Armour
Serving in the military can be rewarding, but also dangerous. If you are serving in the military, it is important to protect yourself properly in perilous situations. Military members must face dangerous situations head-on. Having the proper military body armor can help ensure that soldiers are as safe as possible
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Protection for law enforcement officers
If you work in Law Enforcement, you know how important the right body armor is for your safety. Although most police departments issue standard protective armor to new officers, vests and other equipment have usually been worn by previous law enforcement agents and this can compromise their protective properties.
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Protection Types Breakdown
The number of people acquiring small firearms has increased sharply over the past decade. Most of them acquire guns to protect themselves in case of an attack. However, they could still be in danger unless they decide to protect themselves by wearing ballistic body armor. Other types of armor include spike and edged blade protection body armor.
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