The perfect civilian body armor design

The perfect civilian body armor design

In some areas, additional bodily protection may be necessary. To stay protected, some people may find it comforting to wear an effective protective vest.

As a customer, you need to be aware of what kind of body armor you should have. Before buying a vest for yourself, you need to assess the level of protection you require and check this against the specification of the vest you wish to purchase.

Although a vest can help protect against certain threats, one must also understand that bulletproof vests do not make the wearer invulnerable. Although the vest may prevent a life-threatening injury, being shot or stabbed may still cause you to suffer at least some harm.

We would recommend using your vest whilst maintaining a high level of vigilance so that you can avoid having to test the capabilities of your vest at all.

Our body armors come with various levels of resistance, but not all offer the same protection. Some are designed for protection against handguns, whereas other ballistic vests are designed to repel high-caliber ammunition. To ensure that your body armor offers the level of protection that you desire you must know about the resistance capabilities of your vest before you buy it.

The National Institute of Justice has set world-leading standards, and each of our vests meets these standards. Taking the time to understand these levels, and what threats they will protect against, will help you choose the correct protection level for your environment. A bullet or stab-proof vest is an important purchase and you are best placed to buy body armor that is suited to your daily circumstances from an informed position. This is why we offer our customers the expert advice that they may need. If you need further advice on vests that can suit your needs, contact us here.