The Dangers Of Being A Border Patrol Agent

The Dangers Of Being A Border Patrol Agent

Working as a border patrol agent is often dangerous because there are so many hazards that can affect you daily. The best method of staying safe on the job is to wear body armor and stay properly armed. The body armor you wear could mean the difference between life and death.

Working In A Detention Facility

Working in a detention facility presents several potential dangers for a border patrol agent. When someone is arrested for illegal activity at the border, they are detained until they are charged, moved, or released. During this time, the agents should ensure that those in custody are kept healthy and safe. The agents also need body armor to ensure they are safe in the event of an attack or attempted escape by those in custody.

Car Pursuits

When attempting to arrest someone for drug smuggling, agents are often forced to pursue the smugglers, which can lead to gunfire. The suspects may attempt to shoot out the tires of the vehicle, but there are instances where they are simply trying to shoot the agents. Wearing body armor will help ensure that the agents are as safe as possible, even during a car pursuit.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

There are many times when hand-to-hand combat breaks out when an agent attempts to arrest someone. Some criminals may have knives or small guns in their waistbands. During the fight, the agent could be stabbed or shot by the criminal. Bulletproof vests available are designed to protect from both gunfire and stabbing weapons. By wearing body armor that provides maximum protection, the agents will be much more confident when dealing with these situations.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Working by the border often means agents are subject to extreme weather conditions. If the bulletproof vests they are wearing are not made of breathable materials, the agents can overheat. The materials should be lightweight and breathable to ensure that the agents can regulate their body temperature. The bulletproof vests also need to allow them to move around freely so that they can chase a suspect at a moment’s notice. Some agents are more comfortable wearing the vests over their clothing and some prefer to wear them under their clothing. It is up to each agent to decide which option is most appropriate for them. Protective vests should be provided for any border patrol agency. No agent will be safe if they are working without body armor, and the vest they wear should be well maintained for maximum protection.