Kevlar Made Vests

Kevlar Made Vests

If you frequently enter situations with unpredictable or potentially dangerous individuals, are you adequately protecting yourself against threats?

A great option for protection is a Kevlar vest. This is an affordable way for you to be sure that you are keeping yourself safe from ballistic (bullets) threats. This is a purchase that may save your life.

Kevlar vests are lightweight and easy to wear. They are available as covert or overt armor vests.

Covert vests are designed to be worn under clothing. These are generally available in colors that will not be detectable under clothing (such as black, white, and navy). Covert vests keep the wearer safe without alarming others.

In most situations and most regions, if you feel that you are unsafe, you have the right to buy a covert vest and have it delivered to your front door. We would recommend contacting your local authority if you are in any way unsure. Any legal consequences will remain entirely with the customer, and we cannot accept any liability.

It is important to take the time to learn about bulletproof vests before making a purchase. Further information can be found under the appropriate headings under our 'articles' tab.

Some customers, for example, do not realize individual vests are only designed to be worn by either a man or a woman; women’s Kevlar vests commonly feature curved front panels to accommodate female body shapes. This improves wearer comfort, and discreetly maintains the protection associated with the vest. If a woman finds that she is frequently in dangerous situations or areas, a covert vest could be a great way for her to give herself an added level of protection.

The second type of Kevlar body armor is an overt vest. Overt vests are designed to be worn over clothing. Although potentially more cumbersome than covert vests, they display that the wearer is protected against ballistic threats. This show of readiness may even deter potential attackers from assaulting the wearer in the first place.

They can also offer accessible added protection in the event of an emergency; when the threat of attack quickly escalates, the overt vest's ability to be put on quickly may prove invaluable.

If you work in a dangerous job that requires you to be protected at all times, an overt vest may be the perfect vest for you. Many tactical teams, door monitors, and bodyguards wear overt vests because they want others to know that they are protecting themselves, and are ready for extreme situations. If you are a part of a tactical team or protection squad, the high levels of ballistic protection afforded by Kevlar vests should give you the confidence to face dangerous occupational hazards head-on.

Regardless of which type of Kevlar vest you choose, it is important to take care of body armor. The Kevlar needs to be kept away from liquids and sunlight, and should not be folded or crushed. The Kevlar carrier and panel cover will somewhat protect the Kevlar from the elements, but appropriate storage and use of the panels are advised.

If cared for properly, our Kevlar is likely to be a lightweight, dependable, and affordable ally for a very long time.