Body Armor For The Security Industry

Body Armor For The Security Industry

The security industry requires security personnel to be very versatile. You can be employed to guard property, a person, or an item. There are security guards who protect political figures, celebrities, or individuals awaiting trial. Some security guards protect banks or malls. Regardless, all security guards face potential dangers, and all need to be sure that they are protecting themselves from all of the possible threats associated with their job.

Because of this, security guards often need to wear body armor. For security guards who dress in formal clothing, such as those protecting VIPs, we would recommend a covert vest that protects against bullets, stab and spike threats. This will ensure anyone attempting to harass or attack your VIP cannot harm you in the process.

In most settings, security guards often come into close contact with danger. If someone is choosing to rob a bank, they may attempt to stab or shoot the security guard that is on duty, so that they can continue unchallenged.

Therefore, having adequate protection is crucial in this role. A bank security guard could easily wear a covert vest for protection for themselves; protection that is discreet enough to not be seen under their uniform - even if that is just a plain white shirt.

A mall security guard may also face dangerous situations. If someone chooses to shoplift or hold up a store, the security guard may have to detain them. He or she needs to be sure they are protected from potential stabbing attacks.

A theft of this type may be spontaneous or unplanned, and criminals may do anything at that time to escape capture. As such, the risk of injury is much greater for anyone trying to stop a criminal.

A covert vest is a great option for any security guard. The covert body armor is available in black or white, so they can be sure the vest matches their uniform and remains concealed.

Covert vests are made for both men and women, so anyone can get the protection they need and deserve. All of our vests are lightweight, so a guard can chase criminals, avoid threats, and move quickly to protect the individuals they are in charge of. The versatility and dependability of our vests allow security guards the ability to meet their daily challenges with confidence.