Body armor for prison officers

Body armor for prison officers

Working in a prison can be very dangerous. There can be hundreds of potentially dangerous individuals confined into a very small area. So often suitable and effective body armor is required to keep the officers safe.

Although prison officers are likely to be provided with body armor, it has probably been used by a previous officer meaning the vest may not fit as well as it could, or worse, that the protective panels may have been damaged or may have perished through improper use. However, if you buy your own body armor you will know the quality of the armor and will know that it meets the standards specified in the listing.

If you work in a prison you may regularly come in close contact with volatile individuals. Some of them may misdirect their anger and aggression at guards meaning your risk of being attacked is increased.

Although it is unlikely that prisoners will gain access to a handgun or an engineered knife blade, they may create improvised sharp instruments, known as shanks, that can be life-threatening if used.

Because of this, we strongly recommend that your body armor has spike resistance. This will decrease the chance of improvised weapons causing harm to your vital organs.

If you or your fellow officers carry firearms, it may also be worth purchasing body armor that is bulletproof as you may be caught in a colleague's crossfire, or a prisoner could attain one of these weapons and use it against you.

Having the right body armor can mean the difference between life and death. Coming into close contact with dangerous individuals daily can be less hazardous if you ensure that you do everything you can to protect yourself - this includes wearing adequate protection.