Body Armor For Bounty Hunters

Body Armor For Bounty Hunters

A bounty hunter is someone who seeks and arrests individuals wanted by the police. This search may even become international.

When the criminal is caught and returned to the relevant authorities, the bounty hunter is paid a reward. This career path poses risks, especially if their target resists arrest. However, the high reward of certain captures can make this a viable occupation. If you are a bounty hunter or are considering the profession, you need to be sure that you are protecting yourself from the additional risks involved. Body armor can provide crucial protection that could end up saving your life.

Covert Vests

A bounty hunter may have to search dangerous locations and associate with other dangerous or unpredictable individuals. A covert bulletproof vest is a great option for any bounty hunter who wants to be protected without making it known. A covert vest fits under clothing so that it is undetectable. A bounty hunter will want to be sure that their target(s) will not be able to spot them as bounty hunters. The element of surprise is crucial for a bounty hunter to capture a target successfully. A covert vest will allow someone to move quickly when needed and feel comfortable moving around freely.

Our covert bulletproof vests are made from a breathable material. The Coolmax® technology allows sweat to be wicked away from the body and does not cause a visible outline under clothes.

If a bounty hunter knows that they are going to take down a target, but does not know the severity of the impending danger, they may want to wear an overt vest. Many overt bulletproof vests can withstand larger rounds than covert vests. If a bounty hunter is going to capture a known criminal, there is a chance that they have friends that will harbor and protect them. Desperate to resist, criminals may resort to using high-caliber ammunition, which can be life-threatening to anyone not properly protected.

Overt Vests

Overt bullet & stab-proof vests are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They are slightly heavier and bulkier than covert vests but can offer the added protection that is needed for highly dangerous situations.

A bounty hunter can never be sure who is watching them, or who may pose a threat.

The vast majority of fugitives do not want to go back to prison, and some may put up fierce resistance. They may even attempt to kill their would-be captors.

This is why most bounty hunters choose to wear body armor. We at SafeGuard understand this, and we regularly work with these professionals to ensure that our products continue to meet and exceed expectations.