High-End Covert Stab Vests

The stab vest you can trust from SafeGuard CLOTHING™

Covert stab vests offer discreet and unobtrusive protection against bladed weapons, up to stab level 2. One big plus to wearing covert or discreet stab vests from SafeGuard CLOTHING™ is the concealability you can take advantage of. As well as being constructed from the best materials, SafeGuard CLOTHING™'s vests are both lightweight and easy to conceal, making them effective, comfortable and thus easy to wear, even on longer jobs.

  1. Covert/Overt Carrier

    Covert/Overt Carrier

    As low as $230.00
  2. Coolmax Carrier

    Coolmax Carrier

    As low as $230.00
  3. Cotton Carriers

    Cotton Carriers

    As low as $290.00