Product Code - COV21
This vest protects against
  • 9mm
  • Standard Blade
  • Delivered in 1-2 working days
  • Armour worth over £440 when new
  • Brand new cover worth £60
  • Weight: Approx. 2.5kgs
  • Made from DuPont Kevlar®
  • Ballistic Level: NIJ Level II
  • Edged Blade Level: Level 1
Product Code - COV21

Both bullet and stab proof, this vest is an essential piece of protective uniform that will enhance safety and protection from any threat.

Anatomically engineered for high level comfort and protection, this vest can be worn either beneath or above clothing.

This bespoke Cordura fabric is highly durable and hard wearing in all conditions. The vest will withstand all weathers and terrains with minimum surface depreciation and damage.

Feel safe and comfortable in the harshest of environments with reinforced covert protection from common and uncommon threats and dangers.

Move freely around as the protective vest uses poly cotton netting to either cool down and trap heat in accordance to the temperature of the environment and the body.

Rest assured that you are fully protected from both bullets and knives whilst wearing this maximum security protective piece of uniform.


Sean M
This vest is very breathable. The adjustable straps help it fit around the waist nicely and the material is durable on both the inside and the outside of the vest. Couldn't be happier.
This vest has such nice material. The Cordura material on the outside is durable and the Coolmax material on the inside on the vest is smooth and breathable. Really impressed with the high quality of Safeguards vest.
Vince J
I got this vest as I wanted something I could wear either over or under my clothing and this is perfect to decide on that option. It is comfortable to wear whichever way you decide.
Lee Walsh
I have worn this vest pretty much every day since I bought it and I often forget I'm wearing it. The lightweight, comfortable and flexible nature of the vest makes it ideal for a long days work and is perfect for me.
I spent a while choosing my vest as it was the first time I've bought my own and a lot of people were telling me different things about their vests. A few of my friends recommended Safeguard to me explaining that the vests are lightweight and don't restrict movement so I went and bought this vest and it's perfect, very thankful to my friends for recommending this to me.
I've been buying vests for the past 40 years and none have been as comfortable as this one. It's worth every penny I paid for it and I couldn't be happier. Many vests I have bought in the past have been heavy and rough against the skin but this doesn't have either of those problems. Very pleased with my purchase from Safeguard.