As part of its college-oriented initiative to support local education institutions in improving their Public Service courses, SafeGuard Clothing has embarked on a nationwide donation campaign. As a leading supplier of protection wear to many military, police forces and security companies - the brand is known for the quality of its equipment that is well-suited to aid students in their training for a career in the uniformed services.

Under this initiative, SafeGuard Clothing has donated bullet proof vests to a number of local colleges, amongst which The City of Liverpool College, Hertford Regional College, Harlow College, Bishop Burton College, Derby College, Lowestoft College, Tresham College and others with the intent to provide hands-on experience to those following the Uniformed Public Services programme at these college.

SafeGuard Clothing Communications Manager Thomas Bowman said, "We are extremely pleased to be working with a growing network of regional and national colleges in improving their existing Public Service curriculums. We find that the donation of one of our bullet proof vests is the best way to bridge the gap between theoretic knowledge and practical experience - something necessary for students who wish to pursue a career in the security and military sectors. "

As part of their work with colleges, SafeGuard also provides guidance on the delivery of industry information to give students a unique insight in the equipment commonly used in the Public Service field.

A tutor from one of the public services course at City of Liverpool College -O’Brien, said: “We owe a debt of gratitude to SafeGuard for their kind donation. Their vests provide our students with progressive learning experiences that will advance their knowledge and skills in their chosen profession. They also provide learners with vital opportunities for role play that can only enhance the quality of our educational programme.”

SafeGuard Armour and Clothing is a worldwide manufacturer and distributer of tactical body armour and is actively involved in research and development of finding new materials to enhance the wearability of protective body armour for frontline services. Their outreach to education institutions through continuous donations is a testament to the brand's commitment to public education about safety and risk. By supplying local colleges with the means to better educate students.