Occupational use for Body Armour

  • Bouncers Have Resorted to Wearing Stab Proof Vests in Newquay

    Bouncing is a job that many people view as being somewhat glamorous. The bouncers get to decide who is allowed to stay in a club or bar and who has to leave. This kind of power is often very appealing to many people and thus makes them think that it is a great job to have. While being a bouncer does provide someone with a lot of power, it also comes with great responsibility.

    A bouncer is responsible for removing drunk, belligerent, or dangerous individuals from the venue where they work. When the person is removed from the venue, it is usually not under good conditions. Many people who are forced to leave a club or bar choose to act out and often attack the bouncers. The attacker may use a broken bottle or knife to stab the bouncer. For this reason, many bouncers are now choosing to wear stab proof vests, when they are working.

    A bouncer in Newquay was stabbed by a patron while trying to keep a crowd from rushing the stage at a pub called Cribbar in March of 2014. This attacker used a broken bottle to stab the bouncer in the neck causing significant damage. The bouncer could have been better protected during the incident, if he had been wearing a stab proof vest. The vest would have been lightweight enough to allow him to still have the movement he needed to be able to keep the crowd away from the stage. The vests are made to fit tightly to the body to ensure that it doesn’t get caught on anything, while being worn. The police will not be able to arrive at a venue immediately and many doormen and bouncers realize that it is up to them to take their protection into their own hands and know that stab proof vests are a great way to do that.

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  • Teachers in the UK are now buying themselves stab proof vests for work

    As the attacks on teachers in classrooms raise annually, so does the sale of protection vests to the teachers. It’s not firearms that the classroom students are using, but sharp-edged instruments that they can stab with. So the main focus of the teachers is on stab proof vests. Teachers across the country have received vigorous training in self-protection as well.

    Oliver Lincoln, commercial director at an armor retailer in the UK, said: “We used to sell the odd vest here and there to teachers - certainly no more than a handful a year. Suddenly, in the past 12 months, we've had a significant rise in that number.” Continue reading

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  • Body Armour for Frontline Housing Officers

    Frontline housing officers are the specialists, who are always at a potential risk of not just verbal abuse, but physical violence as well. Although these threats are posed by public members, body armour is probably the perfect way to minimize the risk of harm that can be suffered by a frontline housing officer.

    What Housing Officers Do?

    Frontline housing officers have a broad range of quite sensitive responsibilities, like dealing with anti-social conduct, rent arrear collection, and even solving some rather intense wrangles between neighbors. They frequently must deliver unbidden messages, probably turning down an application for housing, or a repair request that is the responsibility of a resident.

    So, the issue we are going to discuss is what can and has to be done in order to maximally increase the chance of housing officers returning home unharmed. Continue reading

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  • Body Armour and Threats For Wartime Aviation Staff

    What is the connection between body armour and aviation? It’s simple! Wartime requires every single person participating in warfare to wear body armour, especially the landing force.

    While you are in the air, hardly anything threatens you. Or, if your plane gets caught by a projectile, no body armour will save you, especially if the plane has got high enough – you will either burn or die of contusion, or fall to the ground from a thousand feet and that’s all. But, when everything goes according to the plan and you land in the intended spot, this is where the “fun” begins. You never know if the enemy has disclosed your plans or not. If they did, you must be prepared to defend yourself, because you can land in an ambush. War is war and you either kill or die. Continue reading

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