• As part of its college-oriented initiative to support local education institutions in improving their Public Service courses, SafeGuard Clothing has embarked on a nationwide donation campaign. As a leading supplier of protection wear to many military, police forces and security companies - the brand is known for the quality of its equipment that is well-suited to aid students in their training for a career in the uniformed services.

    Under this initiative, SafeGuard Clothing has donated bullet proof vests to a number of local colleges, amongst which The City of Liverpool College, Hertford Regional College, Harlow College, Bishop Burton College, Derby College, Lowestoft College, Tresham College and others with the intent to provide hands-on experience to those following the Uniformed Public Services programme at these college.

    SafeGuard Clothing Communications Manager Thomas Bowman said, "We are extremely pleased to be working with a growing network of regional and national colleges in improving their existing Public Service curriculums. We find that the donation of one of our bullet proof vests is the best way to bridge the gap between theoretic knowledge and practical experience - something necessary for students who wish to pursue a career in the security and military sectors. "

    As part of their work with colleges, SafeGuard also provides guidance on the delivery of industry information to give students a unique insight in the equipment commonly used in the Public Service field.

    A tutor from one of the public services course at City of Liverpool College -O’Brien, said: “We owe a debt of gratitude to SafeGuard for their kind donation. Their vests provide our students with progressive learning experiences that will advance their knowledge and skills in their chosen profession. They also provide learners with vital opportunities for role play that can only enhance the quality of our educational programme.”

    SafeGuard Armour and Clothing is a worldwide manufacturer and distributer of tactical body armour and is actively involved in research and development of finding new materials to enhance the wearability of protective body armour for frontline services. Their outreach to education institutions through continuous donations is a testament to the brand's commitment to public education about safety and risk. By supplying local colleges with the means to better educate students,

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  • Bouncers Have Resorted to Wearing Stab Proof Vests in Newquay

    Bouncing is a job that many people view as being somewhat glamorous. The bouncers get to decide who is allowed to stay in a club or bar and who has to leave. This kind of power is often very appealing to many people and thus makes them think that it is a great job to have. While being a bouncer does provide someone with a lot of power, it also comes with great responsibility.

    A bouncer is responsible for removing drunk, belligerent, or dangerous individuals from the venue where they work. When the person is removed from the venue, it is usually not under good conditions. Many people who are forced to leave a club or bar choose to act out and often attack the bouncers. The attacker may use a broken bottle or knife to stab the bouncer. For this reason, many bouncers are now choosing to wear stab proof vests, when they are working.

    A bouncer in Newquay was stabbed by a patron while trying to keep a crowd from rushing the stage at a pub called Cribbar in March of 2014. This attacker used a broken bottle to stab the bouncer in the neck causing significant damage. The bouncer could have been better protected during the incident, if he had been wearing a stab proof vest. The vest would have been lightweight enough to allow him to still have the movement he needed to be able to keep the crowd away from the stage. The vests are made to fit tightly to the body to ensure that it doesn’t get caught on anything, while being worn. The police will not be able to arrive at a venue immediately and many doormen and bouncers realize that it is up to them to take their protection into their own hands and know that stab proof vests are a great way to do that.

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  • Amazon River Fish Inspires New Body Armour Type

    Scientists are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the effectiveness of body armour. One of the last places anyone would expect to find a lead is in the Brazilian Amazon River. Special fish that inhabit this river known as Arapaima gigas are equipped with skin that is able to repel the powerful bite of a piranha. This may be ideal as a basis for knife and ballistic protection.

    Dr. Robert Ritchie, a scientist at University of California Berkeley, led the study on this topic. “What we are trying to do is create composite ceramics with the hard external layer and some flexible foundation to use as a shield or armor,” he reports.

    The Arapaima gigas has skin (known as lamella) that has hardened overlapping layers. With this corrugated skin structure, the pressure of a predator’s bite is dispersed, similar to how state-of-the-art Kevlar works in a standard vest. The researchers have used X-ray to further examine the lamella of the Arapaima gigas. Upon the examination, they discovered that each layer of the fish is made of collagen (which makes up human hair and nails.) The outermost layers of the fish have high mineral content which makes it hard. The innermost layers have less content which makes it more flexible; an excellent combination.

    It’s been discovered that the scales can resist 12 gigapascals of pressure, or 1.7 million pounds per square inch! Factory made diamonds are made using 18 gigapascals of pressure to illustrate an idea of how tough this is.

    With one of the hardest bites for an animal its size, the piranha bite has been tested on the skin of the Arapaima gigas by researchers. It’s been reported that the teeth of the piranha cracked without fully penetrating the tough armoured skin of the Arapaima gigas. Further testing has to be done with this skin before it could be put into use.

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  • Pakistan Rangers To Be Given 20,000 Vests For Crackdown Against Criminals In Karachi

    KARACHI: An agreement has been reached for the local police and rangersto acquire 20,000 bulletproof vests and helmets. This ispreparation for the targeted operation against criminals in the area.

    Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah initiated the process. According to home department officials, the government will announce a tender for this connection soon.

    Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan assured a ‘surgical’ operation in the port city within days, but the committal of powers to Rangers has yet to be done. Pakistan Rangers are supposed to not only conduct raids, but alsoinvestigate and prosecute criminals. The government has yet to determine how the Rangers will be given these powers constituted in the 18th Amendment.

    “We are still busy trying to figure out which kind of special powers the government can give the Rangers, because it is a sensitive matter,” a government official told a newspaper column. “All we know is that the Rangers have the training to protect the borders and are not meant for any city or its citizens.”There has been reluctance on this matter confesses the official.The final decision is likely to be taken at the All Parties Conference scheduled in Islamabad.

    When it comes to training police and Rangers, there are several differences.“We have to think several times before opening even a single fire even we are in the violent area but the Rangers are trained to shoot a suspect before he shoots them,” another senior police officer explained the difference in training of police and Rangers.

    Recently, DIG Naveed said the police are already conducting raids and arrests in the city, particularly in sensitive areas. “I am just asking my police force to work with sincerity for their country,” he said, adding that they cannot boast of any significant progress in the past two or three days, but police confidence is high. “It does not matter who leads the operation,” he said, dismissively. “The police will lead the operation when they have any information and the Rangers will lead the operation with the help of the police if they have any information.”

    Unless a notification is issued, the Rangers said they cannot start the operation. “We are taking action in different areas but that is routine activity,” said a senior Ranger official. “We arrest the suspects and hand them over to the police because we do not have special powers yet.”

    Update=== 9/12/2013

    The Sindh government has given the go-ahead to a Rs5-billion modernization plan to adequately equip law enforcers for combating crime particularly in Karachi. The proposal, when finally implemented, will see policemen and Rangers wearing necessary protective gear, including bulletproof vests and helmets, and handling modern weapons such as submachine guns.

    Under the latest proposal sanctioned by the Sindh chief minister, 25,000 bulletproof jackets, 20,000 bulletproof helmets, 5,000 protective gloves and 5,000 submachine guns would be releasedprogressively to equip law enforcers.

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  • Teachers in the UK are now buying themselves stab proof vests for work

    As the attacks on teachers in classrooms raise annually, so does the sale of protection vests to the teachers. It’s not firearms that the classroom students are using, but sharp-edged instruments that they can stab with. So the main focus of the teachers is on stab proof vests. Teachers across the country have received vigorous training in self-protection as well.

    Oliver Lincoln, commercial director at an armor retailer in the UK, said: “We used to sell the odd vest here and there to teachers - certainly no more than a handful a year. Suddenly, in the past 12 months, we've had a significant rise in that number.” Continue reading

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  • Body Armour for Frontline Housing Officers

    Frontline housing officers are the specialists, who are always at a potential risk of not just verbal abuse, but physical violence as well. Although these threats are posed by public members, body armour is probably the perfect way to minimize the risk of harm that can be suffered by a frontline housing officer.

    What Housing Officers Do?

    Frontline housing officers have a broad range of quite sensitive responsibilities, like dealing with anti-social conduct, rent arrear collection, and even solving some rather intense wrangles between neighbors. They frequently must deliver unbidden messages, probably turning down an application for housing, or a repair request that is the responsibility of a resident.

    So, the issue we are going to discuss is what can and has to be done in order to maximally increase the chance of housing officers returning home unharmed. Continue reading

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  • Body Armour and Threats For Wartime Aviation Staff

    What is the connection between body armour and aviation? It’s simple! Wartime requires every single person participating in warfare to wear body armour, especially the landing force.

    While you are in the air, hardly anything threatens you. Or, if your plane gets caught by a projectile, no body armour will save you, especially if the plane has got high enough – you will either burn or die of contusion, or fall to the ground from a thousand feet and that’s all. But, when everything goes according to the plan and you land in the intended spot, this is where the “fun” begins. You never know if the enemy has disclosed your plans or not. If they did, you must be prepared to defend yourself, because you can land in an ambush. War is war and you either kill or die. Continue reading

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