Stab Proof Vests For Council Workers

Every public service job is associated with inherent risks to the safety of employees. In the UK council workers face dangers on a daily basis – the reason behind their recent petition to be allowed to wear body armour at work.

Certain low-income areas pose significant risk to council workers, who have to make house visits in the area. Small handguns, knives and other edged blade objects are easy to obtain and can be used to assault them. In some cases, such incidents can even result in permanent injury or even death. Council workers, who are looking for a degree of protection when out and about, can turn to body armour to increase their personal safety. There is a variety of choices and styles to protect them against attacks using knives, broken bottles or even syringes.
Random attacks in urban areas are particularly dangerous as assailants are volatile, strike quickly and unexpectedly and can use every object at their disposal. A broken bottle, a piece of glass or a concealed knife can all be used as a weapon because they are easy to hold, readily available and strong enough to cause significant damage to internal organs. This is where a stab resistant vest comes in. it is strong enough to stop such attacks and potentially save lives. Some body armour provides protection against a combination of threats – for example, it can be both stab and spike resistant. This way you will be safe against both piercing and slashing attacks from a large variety of objects.

Domestic Disturbances

Officers often answer domestic disturbance calls and have to deal with conflicts and aggressive individuals. They are often called to address noise complaints from neighbours or physical altercations that can escalate. These are all potentially dangerous situations as often alcohol and drugs can be involved. Under their influence people often turn violent and unpredictable, posing a threat to themselves and others. A covert vest in such instances is ideal as it discreetly protects officers from different weapons without giving away that they’re wearing it.

The Benefits of Covert Vests

Covert ballistic, stab and spike resistant vests keep council workers safe and remain invisible under their clothes or uniform. Wearing body armour in a discreet manner gives a great advantage to employees as potential attackers won’t target the unprotected parts of their bodies. People who work with the general public also benefit from covert vests as they won’t cause panic to civilians. People can become upset or panicked when they see government employees in overt body armour as it conveys a strong sense of authority. Such situations can even escalate in physical altercations. A covert vest is thin enough that others won’t be able to detect it underneath regular clothes, allowing the worker to feel protected without drawing attention.