New Age of Bullet Proof Vests

Bulletproof vests are referred to as an article of protective clothing which works like an armour whereby it minimises the injury the wearer could sustain from projectiles fired on them. These vests offer advanced protection from the shots fired by handguns, rifles and shotguns. Body armour is usually worn by the police force, military personnel, private security guards, and by some civilians who anticipate a possible threat to their lives.  

Throughout history, human advancements have been mirrored in warfare. As weapons become more refined and effective, it is important to make sure that body armour also continues to improve. The modern armour that is now available offers much better protection to the wearer than in previous years. Technological advances also mean that the bulletproof vests that are manufactured today are much lighter than in the past. Different types of body armour have been developed to suit different situations and counter specific threats. While bulletproof vests made from Kevlar® may not be able to guarantee protection against high calibre fire such as rifle rounds, body armour can be supplemented by the addition of hard ballistic plates. This means that you can modify your armour to give you additional protection before heading into areas with a very high threat level.