Guide to End of Contract Equipment

EOC Body Armor

End of contract items can be one of two things:

The first case is where we will bid for a contract for certain equipment with a certain compan/government/organisation, which for example might be to supply glock holsters to the Australian armed police, we will have to submit our product for tender. We will then goto a manufcturer i.e. Safariland and purchase a product for tender. Now we might have to purchase 10 items, and only submit one for sample (which gets returned to us anyway). In this case we are then left with 10 new Safariland holsters, in which we sell heavily discounted through our website.

The second case is where we have bid for a contract, have won it, and the contract runs out. To give you an example we might have a contract with a certain UK Police Force to provide body armour over a 5 year period, at the end of the 5 years, we might have 100 brand new, unissued vests left over, which again we sell heavily discounted on our website.

We get end of contract items in a whole array of items, and to give you an example on the quantity of items we have available in end of contract: last year SafeGuard spent over 2 million USD on purchasing products to submit to sample (first case), and we had over 1 million USD worth of equipment left over from contracts (second case). There are huge savings to be made on our unique end of contract offers.