Military Body Armour

Serving in the military is associated with many inherent risks to the safety and wellbeing of operatives. They are exposed to high-calibre fire, explosives and have to manoeuvre through highly-volatile zones. This is why it is extremely important that they are protected with the highest level of ballistic resistant vests and helmets. Military members are typically issued government-approved body armour to wear when they are going to high-risk zones. However, their standard gear may not offer an adequate level of protection for the specific situation.

Because the military has a limited budget – body armour upgrades are not a priority. Many military divisions reuse protective gear until it is no longer usable. However, this puts military operatives at risk of getting injured or even killed. Re-using body armour compromises its integrity as regular wear and tear renders its useless. In addition to this, there is no way to know if it was stored properly or has been damaged.

As a military member there are many benefits in buying your own personal body armour. If you are interested in buying your own protective gear, you need to talk to a superior. This way you know you’ll get the maximum level of security as mandated by your division. Knowing what types of threats you are likely to encounter on a mission allows you to select the most adequate level of protection and type of vest. There are some military members who never come into direct contact with the enemy. There are other members who will be an arm's distance from the enemy at all times. You should also know what type of terrain you are expected to travel through and order desert or woodland print for the cover for your body armour. Different materials and technology of design can also improve heat transfer and decrease sweating – in climates with high temperatures this can take a great deal of strain off military operatives.

Additional padding is also available for purchase and prove useful in warzones and high-conflict areas. Reinforcing your vest with ceramic plates is necessary when you will be exposed to fire from high-calibre weapons. Working in high-risk environments is associated with many inherent dangers, but selecting the proper level of protection can dramatically decrease the chance of serious injury and even death. Additional padding is also available to cover exposed areas like your neck, throat, and groin. Many operatives will aim for these places if they see that you don’t have additional protection and can cause serious, even fatal injuries. This can compromise your safety, so protecting these sensitive areas of the body should be a priority in all military operations. Ensuring you have the adequate level of protection for every situation and scenario enables you to perform and execute orders quickly and efficiently. You can retain your focus and remain calm and confident, knowing that your body armour keeps you safe against all present threats.