Why do Security Guards Need Body armour?

A job as a security guard is very versatile. You can be employed to guard a property, a person, or an item. There are security guards who protect political figures, celebrities, or individuals awaiting trial. Some security guards protect banks or malls. Regardless, all security guards face potential dangers, and all need to be sure that they are protecting themselves from all of the possible threats associated with their job

If you work as a security guard, or are considering the occupation, you need to find out everything you can about the body armour that your company issues. There are some companies who do not issue body armour at all. They expect the guard to purchase their own body armour and be responsible for it. If an agency provides body armour, it does not mean that the body armour is of the highest quality. There is a good chance that the vest has been used by multiple guards and more than likely will not offer you optimal protection. It is ideal for any guard to purchase their own personal body armour so that they can be sure it is as effective as it can possibly be.

Purchasing Security Body Armour

When purchasing body armour, it is important for a guard to find out what type of vest is allowed for their particular position. Some companies do not allow guards to wear overt vests while on duty. They may want covert vests to be worn to keep a sense of discretion. Many politicians and celebrities hire security guards to keep them safe when they are on the road or going to events. A guard will need to wear a covert vest so that they do not stick out like a sore thumb at the event. If someone is working as a security guard at a building, they may need to choose a vest that is of a certain color. Some companies require everyone to match and will not allow someone to wear a vest that is a different color than the uniform. Asking a superior is the best way for you to find out what is and what is not allowed when it comes to the body armour you are allowed to use.

After you know the type of body armour you are allowed to use, you will need to consider the specifications needed for the vest. Bullet proof vests are gendered so a female needs to order a female vest rather than a male vest. The vests are designed to fit based upon someone’s height. A security guard will need to be able to move around with ease and having a vest that fits properly is essential. A vest that is too large may ride a bit low in the torso, which could make it difficult for a guard to bend or turn. Taking the time to choose the right size vest will ensure that you are able to perform your job as safely and efficiently as you can.