Body Armour for Military Forces

Perhaps more than any other profession, body armour is paramount for the safety of members of the military. Worldwide demand for military body armour is consistently growing – the US military is the world’s biggest market for protective gear, with other countries’ defence departments also investing huge amounts of their budgets into body armour and helmets. Protecting members of the military is important to every country, however, the gear that a military member is issued from their platoon may not always offer them the complete protection they will need when a dangerous situation arises.

Typically, military members are issued body armour to wear when they are going into a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, every military has a limited budget, and upgrading the body armour that is issued to soldiers can often fall to the bottom of the list when it comes to necessities. Armour issued is often reused, with many militaries reusing the same piece of protective gear until it is no longer useable at all. Often, this armour more than likely stopped offering maximum protection several years before it stopped being used. This means that there is often a good chance that a military member is using ineffective body armour, and is therefore not sufficiently prepared to deal with the dangerous threats they may face on a daily basis. It is of upmost importance for all members of the military to be adequately protected, and ensuring that the armour being used has not been damaged is paramount. Anyone using unfamiliar or reused body armour should check it regularly for wear and tear. It is vital that the armour being used is in good condition in order for the wearer to receive the full protection level offered.

Often, members of the military choose to put their own safety first, with many opting to purchase their own personal body armour privately. Buying your own body armour allows you to tailor it to your individual requirements – you can buy a vest that fits your specific measurements to ensure a perfect fit, and choose which levels of protection to include. If you are interested in purchasing your own personal body armour for the military, it is important to talk to your superior before finalising the purchase. They will be able to offer you advice on the levels of protection that you will require, as well as informing you of the colour or camouflage print that your vest will need to be. Another option for military members choosing to purchase their own body armour is additional padding. Working in close contact with the enemy could lead to injuries that are easily preventable with the addition of padding for your neck, throat and/or groin. This padding can easily be attached to any vest, and will offer protection against vulnerable areas of your body that are unprotected by your vest.