About Hard Ballistic Plates

Rifle Protection

When you’re likely to face a potentially dangerous situation, it is important to be equipped with adequate body armour. This ensures you are safe from expected threats that can cause serious injuries and even death. Many people underestimate the importance of wearing the right body armour for the situation they face. High-conflict areas, where you are likely to experience heavy assault and high-calibre fire require extra protection in the form of hard ballistic plates. Soft body armour does not protect against rifle rounds and shrapnel.
Every time you enter a zone, where such threats are likely to be present, it is vital that you are wearing a high level of body armour. Most agencies or employers supply body armour for soldiers or security operatives to counter these threats. However, they often reuse vests for long periods of time, which can compromise their protective properties. To ensure your body armour is in top condition and it fulfils its purpose, you should buy your own personal gear. Taking a gamble on the quality of body armour is not a good idea, and we always recommend taking responsibility for your own protection by purchasing your own personal protection equipment.

Hard Armour Materials

Rifle rounds are powerful and a standard Kevlar® vest will not necessarily offer the protection that is needed against them. It is necessary to supplement your soft body armour with additional ballistic plates to stay safe.
Hard ballistic plates are available in two materials - ceramic and Dynemma. Ceramic plates tend to be heavy and uncomfortable for most people. Typically, they are the choice of people looking for a high degree of protection without the requirement to move around a lot. Dynemma plates are slightly lighter and provide great protection. You may want to take the time to try both plates so that you can decide which will be best for you.
Wearing additional ballistic plates may be difficult for person with limited upper body strength. Additionally, they should only be worn when the possibility of danger is evident and imminent. It is not necessary to wear them when you’re not out patrolling as they will only tire you out.
Hard ballistic plates protect the wearer from many different dangerous elements. Rifle rounds and shrapnel typically cannot penetrate the plates. After being shot or sustaining a high-force hit, it is important to replace the plates. It is not recommended that you keep wearing them. Any damage (even if not visible) can compromise their integrity and result in less protection. It is important to be diligent about properly maintaining and replacing the plates if you want to stay as safe as you can possibly be at all times. Hard ballistic plates offer the added protection you need to be safe in even the most dangerous of situations, so they may be a worthwhile investment.