Body Armor Sizing Guide

Choosing an ill-fitting vest will not only make it awkward to wear, but will severely reduce its efficacy. A vest that fits properly will not hinder movement in any way, and will allow a full range of movement without sacrificing protection. It is important to make sure when trying on body armor that you are able to perform a full range of movement, and that you are confident when wearing body armor. A bullet or stab proof vest should sit just above the belly button and extend no lower than the naval, as it is designed to protect the vital organs; any higher will not properly do this, and any lower will hinder movement. Protecting the vital organs is of the utmost importance, as an injury to the lower naval will be serious, but not life threatening.

Size Guide

Choosing a bullet or stab proof vest should be similar to choosing clothes, and they are sized in similar ways. If you are unsure as to what size would be best for you, a larger size is recommended. This is because body armor is very adjustable thanks to its Velcro straps, and it will be far easier to make a vest fit if it is too big than if it is too small. A vest that is too small will be far less likely to protect properly. Below are the sizes and measurement available:

A Guide to Sizing

A Guide to Height

These sizes do not necessarily reflect sizes in other garments or from other companies. If in doubt, please include your measurements when ordering.