Benefits Of A Kevlar Vest

If you are a soldier, law enforcement agent, security guard, or just someone who feels that they need to be better protected, you may want to consider a Kevlar® vest. Body armor made from Kevlar® offers protection from ballistic (bullet) threats, and additional layers can afford protection to even certain rifle rounds. It is a lightweight, dependable, and durable choice. Alternative materials often do not offer the same level of flexibility and high protection-to-weight ratio.

Lighter Body Armor: Kevlar

Historically, bullet proof panels were often very heavy and cumbersome. This is because heavy materials were used. Vests often used steel plates as the protective panels. This was clearly not the ideal material. Scientists and developers knew that there had to be an alternative that would give people the protection they needed, and yet still kept maneuverability high and weight low.

After many years of research, a breakthrough occured in the 1970s when Kevlar® was discovered by the DUPONT company.

Originally used in racing tyres, developers realized that it's durability and low weight made it the ideal material for many other purposes. Further developments were made, and additional tests were conducted.

Kevlar® was proven to be much stronger than steel, and weighed significantly less. Scientists decided to attempt to form this material in such a way that it could be used in ballistic panels for body armor protection. After many years of development, they succeeded; today, Kevlar® remains one of the best materials for body armor available.

Kevlar® offers exceptional protection to ballistic/bullet threats. Someone working as a security guard or law enforcement officer can choose to wear a vest carrier that can be worn over clothes. Equally, as Kevlar® is lightweight, flexible, and relatively thin, it can easily be worn under clothing and remain unnoticed. Someone working in the military will more than likely wear an overt Kevlar® vest, so that they have the option to add additional panels and plates, which offer more protection from heavier enemy fire.

The Kevlar® panels are available in many different protection levels, so wearers can be sure they get the protection that is right for their needs. For example, a security guard will more than likely not need the same protection as a military member in a warzone.

In order for Kevlar® to be as effective as possible, it needs to be kept away from water and direct sunlight. Many people choose to store their body armor in a specially designed carrier, so that they know it is as well protected as possible. Also, hanging the vest or storing the vest flat on a shelf will stop the panels getting crushed or folded.

This ensures that it can continue to give them the protection they originally purchased for many future years. The Kevlar® material can remain viable for a very long time if properly looked after. As such, our vests can be an affordable way for someone to protect themselves from weapon threats.