Military Body Armor

Serving in the military can be very rewarding, but also very dangerous. If you are serving in the military, it is important for you to be able to protect yourself properly in perilous situations.

Unlike civilians, military personnel do not have the option of simply avoiding threats. Military members must sometimes face dangerous situations head on. Having the proper military body armor can help ensure that soldiers are as safe as possible, regardless of the impending danger.

When choosing military body armor, it is important to consider where the armor will be worn. There are different levels of protection that are offered by different body armors. During a firefight, a lightweight covert vest may not be sufficient. It is important to know what you are up against, so that you can be sure you are wearing adequate protection.

If you are going to be in a dangerous situation that requires close contact, there are additions that can be added to your vest to give you optimum protection from a range of threats. With all of our armors, we can offer protective panels that can also protect against stab and/or spike threats. 

Additional Military Protective Addons

With our Military specific armor, ballistic protection can be added to protect your neck, throat, upper arm, and groin. Ballistic SAPI side plates can also be inserted into specially designed SAPI pockets. Molle webbing can also be added to our Military specific armor, and this will allow you to add your own equipment to your vest. As well as providing protection to more peripheral areas, these panels will further display to others that you are ready for even the most volatile situations. This could even prevent a conflict from occurring in the first place.

If larger rounds are being fired, our Military armor can also carry hard armor plates - these will protect against Level III and/or IV threats, so your vest may protect vital organs against even armor piercing ammunition.

It is important to know what levels of protection are offered by the body armor you are choosing to wear in a combat situation. Body armor that offers protection from larger rounds is often heavy and can be somewhat cumbersome. Therefore, we recommend that our customers take the time to be sure that they are able to handle their weapon while wearing the body armor.

You will also need to know how quickly and easily you are able to move while you are wearing the armor. There are many people who choose to practice drills while wearing all of their gear. This is a great way to determine how well you can or cannot move while you are wearing all of your protection. Running practice drills while wearing your military body armor and carrying your weapon may be crucial to properly managing a combat situation.