Our Helpful Body Armor Articles

At SafeGuard Clothing® we recognise that there are a large number of options available when choosing body armor and that this can make your decision much harder. With the range of options available it can be difficult to make a fully informed decision, and this can lead not only to wasted money but potentially something much more serious.

SafeGuard Clothing® manufactures and distributes body armor worldwide to myriad clients, and our diverse product line ensures that we can fulfil the requirements of any order. SafeGuard works with people in a wide variety of professions and occupations, and we pride ourselves on supplying armour that can deal with different specifications and specific threats. We can achieve this thanks to our commitment to research and development in everything from equipment to design processes, all with the aim of keeping our body armour as effective as possible.

This collection of resources can help explain every aspect of body armor, from the way our vests are made to advice for people working in high risk or covert situations. Our range of articles covers everything you could need to know about body armour in an effort to keep you informed and protected.

If there is any information you still need that is not covered here, or you simply want to get in touch, speak to one of our expert representatives via our contact information and we will be happy to help.